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About Us

PCT Resin Coatings Ltd specialise in the installation of a Resin Bound System. The system will transform your Driveway, Paths and Patios. As a team of consummate professionals, we pride ourselves on a quality product at a fair price. The quality and value of our resin bound surfaces is second to none. During the last 10 Years our team has grown considerably, we believe in looking after our environment and are taking steps to lower the carbon footprint. All our Resin Bound Drives, Paths and Patios are made up of 100% natural stone which looks fantastic, yet is as strong and durable without the heavy cost to the planet.

Why resin over paving, concrete or tarmac?

That’s simple, our product naturally drains water through the finished surface which means no more puddles. It is also resistant to weeds, hence giving it all round better traction for tyres and making it better for walking on. Last but not least its up to 10 times more eco friendly than concrete.

Ready to tackle your to-do list but don't have the time? PCT Resin Coatings specialises in speciality for less than you think. No matter the size of your budget, we give adjective value for money and our prices are usually less than the competition. We look forward to helping you make your home a great place to live. We know that you'll be satisfied with the results.


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